Mercedes-Benz to debut smartwatch which connects driver to his car

Mercedes-Benz smart watch connects the driver to the car
Mercedes-Benz smart watch connects the driver to the car

Germany: A new Mercedes-Benz wristwatch links the driver to the car and provides vehicle information. It will be shown at the 2014 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Mercedes-Benz has announced a strategic partnership with Pebble Technology. Through the cooperation Mercedes-Benz gets access to the latest hardware developments of the start-ups in California, which the developers at Mercedes-Benz advance to the hardware and software interfaces for automotive applications, application programming interfaces (APIs) to access.

Mercedes-Benz can develop customized and optimized for use in vehicle applications, which seamlessly integrates the intelligent wristwatches of Pebble Technology in the vehicle.

The Mercedes developers have the Digital Drivestyle App revised so that Mercedes-Benz is able to communicate the first automobile manufacturer in the world with the SmartWatch of Pebble Technology.

The intelligent clock of Pebble is a so-called “second screen” for the smartphone. This leads to some interesting examples of applications for the automotive industry. Mercedes-Benz drivers may in future as relevant vehicle information such as fuel level, status of the locking system or the location of the parking lot outside the car get comfortable on their Pebble SmartWatch.




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