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Mercedes Benz unveils “Vision Tokyo” concept car for with autonomous capabilities

Published: October 29, 2015 | Tokyo

Following on from the introduction of F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle as an autonomous luxury saloon last year in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz is now presenting a new show car of the same ilk which has been developed with the needs and wishes of the so-called “Generation Z” in mind. The Vision Tokyo shows the car of the future as a special type of mobile living space – a chill-out zone in busy megacity traffic.

With the car in autonomous driving mode they are able to chill and chat, without having to worry about steering a way through the dense traffic.


The Vision Tokyo is a homage to the urban Generation Z, the cohort of people born since 1995 who have grown up with the new media. The Vision Tokyo takes things another step further: innovative algorithms allow it to evolve constantly; Deep Machine Learning and an intelligent Predictive Engine mean that, with each journey, it becomes more and more familiar with its occupants, their likes and preferences. All of which makes the Vision Tokyo the perfect partner for Generation Z.

With its rounded edges, plentiful glass, and satiny Alubeam paint, the Vision Tokyo looks like a minivan from the high-tech future out of a William Gibson story. Up front, the windshield wraps all the way around, and the side glass is screen-printed in silver for privacy. The massive grille is illuminated and can even show the sound pattern of the music playing inside. Meanwhile at the rear, red LED lights surround the oval window.

When it comes to its Advanced Design activities, Mercedes-Benz relies on a global network: designers and modellers in five Advanced Design Studios in Carlsbad (USA), Sunnyvale (USA), Como (Italy), Beijing (China) and Sindelfingen (Germany) mull over ideas for the vehicles of tomorrow – and beyond.

Source: Mercedes Benz


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