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Metawave demonstrates millimeter wave analog phase controller for automotive application

A known provider of advanced radar for autonomous driving and wireless communications for 5G deployments, Metawave Corporation, recently announced that it has built and successfully demonstrated a phase controller.

The phase controller will be used to power its 77 GHz automotive radar platform, WARLORD, for automotive and broad transportation applications. The phase controllers will also be deployed with Metawave’s novel antenna arrays to power its SABER platform for 5G and fixed wireless unlicensed deployments.

All of Metawave’s platforms are integrated with AWARE, Metawave’s proprietary AI software for object detection and classification as well as potential network planning and data load management for wireless deployments.

According to the company, the phase controller allows the heavy lifting required for precision beamshaping and steering control to be done in the analog space vs. pure digital. The results are dependable and repeatable. The primary analog platform requires less power, creates low insertion loss, and allows for faster processing and reaction time in-vehicle or in the wireless communication deployment. Metawave’s proprietary phase controllers are initially built using GaAs materials, and will be ultimately built using SiGe and CMOS, to meet specific demands of customer applications.

The company claims its advances will have near-term impact on existing OEM programs that consist of the building blocks of full autonomy. WARLORD represents an inexpensive, high-resolution sensor that can overcome many of the challenges (i.e. cut-in and cut-out scenarios) in automatic emergency breaking (AEB), highway pilot (HWP, aka traffic-jam pilot, “super-cruise,” etc.), and forward-collision warning systems (FCWS). Existing radar cannot take this auto functionality to the next level of safety and autonomy, and OEMs are relying on more expensive sensors, such as lidar.

Per company its automotive radar, one that pushes the complexity to analog. WARLORD integrates today’s newly announced phase controller, plus one antenna with meta-structures to shape and steer the beam, and recognizes objects quickly in the analog space. All of Metawave’s offerings leverage AI to detect and classify objects and continue to ‘learn’ as the radar sees moving and sedentary objects (other autos, pedestrians, bicyclists, lamp posts, bridge guards, etc.).

Metawave’s advanced, intelligent radar will play a significant role in achieving higher safety standards in the automotive and transportation industries, especially in inclement weather including dense fog and heavy storms, which cameras and LiDAR are not able to do. WARLORD’s high-resolution allows for detection and classification of objections at 300-350 meters through Metawave’s proprietary learning AI engines.

Source: Press Release


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