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Microsoft Street & Trips 2011 for North America

Microsoft Streets Trips 2011
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011

Microsoft Streets & Trips helps users plan and personalize their travel before they hit the road. Casino? Winery? Cinema? Amusement park?

There’s a stop along the way for everyone when using Streets & Trips’ updated 1.9 million points of interest to plan family travel. The 2011 version of Streets & Trips features updated street-level maps of the U.S., Canada and Mexico with more than 6.5 million miles of navigable roads. A fuel consumption manager helps consumers stay within budget before and during their trips. Once on the road, travelers can use Streets & Trips on their laptop to find necessities — without an Internet connection — by searching for stops such as ATMs, hotels, restaurants and more. Travelers can also use Streets & Trips to plan their adventures in advance and then share the route with their GPS device for navigation along the way.2

With Streets & Trips with GPS Locator travelers can turn their laptop into a navigation device to get spoken directions and large, full-screen navigation. If they get lost or make a wrong turn, automatic rerouting will get them back on track in no time.

“With more and more people bringing along their laptops while they travel, Microsoft Streets & Trips is the perfect companion to help make sure every trip goes smoothly from beginning to end,” said Lori Stock, group product manager for Streets & Trips at Microsoft Corp. “From the Grand Canyon to Grandma’s house — and nearly everywhere in between — Streets & Trips puts the perfect trip within reach. With updated maps and even more points of interest, it’s easy to stay on track while including stops that will please everyone in the car.”

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