MirrorLink Dashboard is now free for usage of In-Car App developers

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global technologies for phone-centric car connectivity solutions, recently announced that app developers are now free to begin coding with version 1.1 of the CCC’s MirrorLink standard. The milestone will completely transform the in-car app marketplace by giving developers a one-stop shop to create apps that are both driver-aware and interoperable between a majority of the world’s most popular cars and handsets.

The 1.1 specification is optimized for devices and apps and represents the final stretch of the CCC’s race to bring the best apps to the dashboard via the world’s most ubiquitous device: the smartphone.

For access to the MirrorLink 1.1 Developer’s Portal, please visit: This portal will provide information to developers on how to get started.

Source: Car Connectivity Consortium


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