MiX Telematics Ltd. introduces Waze app in South Africa


USA: Waze, the community-based traffic & navigation app is launched in South Africa by MiX Telematics, a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. The MiX Telematics’ existing positional data was merged with Waze app, thus ensuring all the major roads in SA are covered, though Wazers will still be able to map lesser-known roads as they drive them. Waze is the world’s first community-based traffic and navigation app for smartphones. The app enables drivers to overcome traffic hurdles together by sharing the information the app passively transmits about a user’s speed and location to identify where traffic is slow.

Uri Levine, the co-founder and President of Waze stated that “Waze was developed to alert and route drivers around slow-moving traffic, road threats or accidents. In doing so, drivers benefit from time saving as well as less spend on fuel and reduced stress levels linked to driving in heavy traffic.” Charles Tasker, Managing Director of MiX Telematics (International) said that “Waze uses existing technology to overcome the exhausting traffic problems that many people face on a daily basis. Also, the beauty of Waze, besides the fact that it’s free, is that the more people use it, the more the community benefits from the data collected and shared.”

Wazers can also create or join groups with friends, colleagues and/or drivers that share similar routes. This enables users to communicate directly with the members of that group to update them about things like accidents, road conditions or closures that are related to their particular route. Keeping safety as a priority, typing is disabled while driving and users are advised to only use Waze in conjunction with a hands-free car kit. Till date, Waze has more than 30 000 early adopters in South Africa, and the figure is expected to multiply in the coming years.  Waze South Africa can be found on social networking sites like Facebook, etc.




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