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Mojio with AT&T rolls out its connected car solution for drivers worldwide

Published: January 20, 2015 | Vancouver, United States

Mojio, the platform for connecting cars, has established a global carrier agreement with the AT&T to offer its services internationally. Vancouver-based Mojio, said that with the partnership with AT&T, it can now connect any car to its open platform of apps for drivers worldwide.

Mojio’s open-platform and cloud-based connected car solution which comprises 3G+GPS cellular device and smartphone app, delivers a near real-time connected driving experience. Mojio’s connected car device was launched in November last year for $149 in US and $169 in Canada. In Canada, Mojio has partnered Telus, a leading service provider with 13.4 million subscribers. Mojio has also made its solution available online at and The device comes with a one year free subscription, after which customers will be paying monthly subscriptions of $4.99 and $6.99 in US and Canada respectively.

As an open platform, Mojio supports a growing ecosystem of drivers, partners and developers focused on providing a more seamless and intuitive driving experience through connected car apps. 

Mojio rolls out its ‘connected car for all’ system to the rest of the world

Mojio has also announced that its open platform for vehicles is now available to the world beyond Canada’s borders thanks to a partnership with AT&T. Mojio has made a name for itself by breathing new life into the cars that manufacturers forgot when releasing new models and their shiny connectivity gadgets, giving them features such as parking payments, automated trip expensing, simplified car rental and home automation.

The company’s product makes it possible for older vehicles to have all the features of today’s connected cars by plugging into the OBD port found in most cars already on the road today. With AT&T on board as the global carrier supplier, Mojio says almost any car can now connect to its near real-time open platform for drivers that use its 3G+GPS device and smartphone app.

While AT&T’s transmitters are predominantly only available in North America, Mojio has confirmed that the network will work with affiliated partners to ensure there is seamless coverage in other countries.

Jay Giraud, CEO, Mojio. We believe people want their cars to be more like their smartphones, no matter what car they are driving or where they travel, and staying connected to your car is key to that. Particularly useful for business travelers, with borderless roaming on AT&T’s new global SIM, users of the Mojio app can see how and where their family members are driving and vice versa. Whether it’s a rental car in another country or the family car at home, Mojio provides peace of mind by keeping families safely connected..
Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T Mobility. At AT&T, we are establishing a leadership position in the connected car space and doing so with a flexible approach that includes after-market connected car devices. There is tremendous opportunity in connecting cars already on the road today, so working with companies like Mojio makes perfect sense.

Source: Mojio


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