MotionX GPS V15

MotionX GPS 2011
MotionX GPS 2011

MotionX last week launched its news MotionX-GPS V15 for the iPhone and iPad. It now has real-time location sharing, which allows users to broadcast their position to selected friends.

Hikers, cyclists, skiers and snowboarders can now share positions automatically. Social groups can share, meet and exchange. MotionX-GPS V15 takes the next step in navigation sharing.

The MotionX-GPS menu system allows access to real-time sharing from the map page. Users select a customized channel, which limits sharing to a specific group of friends. MotionX-GPS puts the user in complete control of what is broadcast and to which friends. Customizable options include:

How frequently your position is updated
The radius within which you want to view your friends’ positions
The timeframe for displaying position updates

There are currently more than 8 million iOS enthusiasts using MotionX applications worldwide.

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