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National Windscreens to invest GBP 1 million on ADAS

Published: January 27, 2016 | Staffordshire

National Windscreens, the UK-based vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist,  is  announcing a £1 million investment programme designed to ensure it is equipped to meet the growing demand for camera and sensor calibration (CSC) for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) throughout the UK. 

A pre-booking facility will be available. National Windscreens’ strategy is designed to make life easier for motorists by providing a single point of service for both replacement glass and calibration. A calibration-only service will also be available by appointment. ADAS utilizes multifunctional windscreen mounted cameras in safety features including lane departure warning systems, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and adaptive cruise control.  


In the event of a replacement windscreen being fitted the ADAS camera and sensor should be calibrated to ensure the technology works as intended. This current recommendation affects the whole windscreen replacement industry.  National Windscreens is taking a market leading role by maintaining a truly national network of 108 fitting centres that can provide the workshop conditions required for accurate calibration of the vast majority of camera sensors at the time of a windscreen replacement.  

Some cameras and sensors can be calibrated by driving the vehicle (dynamic calibration), but a significant number of manufacturers require static calibration in workshop conditions to ensure accuracy. 

National Windscreens operates a UK network of 108 fitting centresOn average the UK motorist is never more than 11 miles or 20 minutes away from a National Windscreens technician.

Source: National Windscreens


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