Navteq maps in Mercedes car in Europe


Navteq is supplying map data and content to Daimler AG for the Mercedes E Class range plus the CLS-Class model. As a result of this selection, nearly all Daimler passenger vehicle navigation platforms in Europe will be powered by NAVTEQ.

The introduction of Daimler’s next generation NTG 4.5 system platform for the Mercedes E and CLS Class models was brought forward due to customer demand. Keen to provide that the map data and content met its exacting standards, the company chose the NAVTEQ offering based on its consistently high quality.

In addition to pan-European map coverage, NAVTEQ is supplying a broad range of advanced content including NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns™ – a database of average travel speeds which predicts where and when traffic jams will happen based on when they typically occur. Using this traffic conditions data, navigation systems can calculate routes which avoid roads usually congested on a given day of the week or time of day.

NAVTEQ’s 3D Landmarks and 3D City Models help orientation in unfamiliar places; whilst Driver Alert warnings, Motorway Junction View, Speed Limits, Extended Lanes and Digital Terrain Models are just some of the features which help guide drivers efficiently and effectively on the road network.

“Daimler’s decision to power its new platform – and therefore the complete range – with NAVTEQ data underlines the critical importance of superior map data and advanced content in providing the optimal navigation experience,” added Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA, NAVTEQ. “Our single global specification and rigorous updating and maintenance programme are at the core of our location content and we are delighted that even more Mercedes passenger car drivers will enjoy our automotive grade quality products.”

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