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Hyundai CRADLE  is investing in Ionic Materials to advance the development of battery technology and improve EV performance with solid-state battery innovation. Using a patented solid polymer material, Ionic Materials enables solid-state batteries that are inherently safe, affordable, high in energy density and operational at room temperature.

Red Balloon Security, an embedded security technology company has signed a strategic partnership with the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) to provide new tools and training aimed at improving cybersecurity awareness within the automotive industry. In its role as an Auto-ISAC strategic partner, Red Balloon Security will provide the automotive community with specialized tools and training to help these professionals better understand the new cyber threats facing vehicle embedded device systems.

Vauxhall is preparing to launch a new generation of infotainment systems. The new Multimedia and Multimedia Navi Pro systems will make their debut later this year, in Vauxhall’s flagship Insignia model range. It has features like smartphone connectivity, on-board navigation systems like Live Traffic, parking information according to destination, and online map updates. It is also easier to use thanks to its intuitive layout, with direct access to main domains such as audio, phone and navigation via the home screen.

SUN Mobility, a leading provider in energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EVs), is building a Smart Network to effectively deploy its universal energy infrastructure in partnership with Microsoft. The company’s Smart Network will use Microsoft’s technology to connect the SUN MOBILITY SMART BATTERY and SUN MOBILITY QUICK INTERCHANGE STATIONTM(QIS) with end users through a mobile application.

Roborace, the global championship of intelligence and technology recently hosted a special showcase of Robocar, the world’s first driverless electric racing car, in Times Square in New York City. Robocar is powered by Nvidia’s Drive PX2 AI car computing platform and uses a number of technologies to drive itself, including LIDARs, Radars, AI cameras, ultrasonic sensors, optical speed sensors, GNSS positioning and more.

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