NexTraq VT2450 tracking systems for managing commercial vehicle fleets

TrackNet, a fleet management company, has announced the upcoming release of the VT-2450 Vehicle Tracking Device, the latest model in the NexTraq series of GPS tracking systems. Tracknet had recently released the precursor version of this device with the NexTraq VT2400 model. Both GPS tracking systems can detect excessive speeding and aggressive driving, and they contain enhanced cellular modems that operate on the 3G network over a wide service area. The VT-2450 can be installed via the J-Bus connect on heavy trucks and features Bluetooth capability. This allows it to be used in conjunction with the NexTraq DriveGuard system that ensures driver safety by preventing talking and texting while driving. As with the previous model, the VT-2450 comes with the NexTraq TamperShield, a protective case and alarm system that prevents wires from being easily unplugged and sends real-time alerts when tampering is in-progress. In the event that the unit is disconnected from the main power source, its internal battery and antenna allow it to continue to send and receive data. TrackNet is hopeful that GPS tracking systems like the VT-2450 will ensure that drivers for commercial fleets are safely operating their vehicles.



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