NIRA Dynamics joins Renovo’s AWare ecosystem

NIRA has announced that it has joined the AWare ecosystem of Renovo, a mobility software technology company. Now Automated Mobility fleet deployments that use Renovo’s AWare OS can seamlessly deploy NIRA Dynamics’ Road Surface Information (RSI) software on their vehicles.

NIRA Dynamics’ RSI is a software solution measures and predicts road grip using the vehicle as a sensor. RSI provides a complete characterization of the real-time road friction and road roughness state. RSI software installed on vehicles – now including any AWare-powered automated vehicle – enables precise measurements and estimates through use of high-resolution sampling of the vehicle’s embedded sensors and controllers.

In parallel, computer vision algorithms running on the vehicle and ingesting camera feeds are used to verify close proximity predictions of road grip and ensure offline performance. These data are routed to a NIRA Dynamics backend where they are aggregated and made available as map layers ready for use by a range of third-party consumers including operators of automated vehicles. This information on road grip is crucial to enable automated driving outside perfect weather and road conditions, and in emergency situations.

Renovo also has extensive experience with road grip and automated vehicles through its partnership with Stanford University. Unveiled in 2015, MARTY (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control) is a self-drifting deLorean that acts as a rolling laboratory for Stanford researchers to explore automated control algorithms in low traction situations. The goal is to create algorithms for automated vehicles in emergency situations.

NIRA Dynamics joins the AWare ecosystem along with a growing list of leading companies in the automated mobility sector including Samsung, Verizon, Velodyne LiDAR, Parsons, INRIX, Argus Cyber Security, CARMERA, Affectiva, Phantom Auto, EdgeConneX, Metamoto and Bestmile.

Source: Press Release



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