NMMT to install GPS in its bus fleets

Vashi: Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) chairman, Anwar Shaikh recently held talks with an advertising agency to ensure that all 190 buses, purchased under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission scheme, are connected with GPS. The agency works on a revenue-sharing model with the transport body and was given the advertising contract for the 30 AC buses to ensure that the remaining 160 regular CNG buses are also fitted with GPS.

“There are 190 buses purchased under the scheme and GPS had already been installed in 30 AC buses. I am holding talks with the advertiser so that GPS can also be installed in the remaining buses at his own cost,” Shaikh said.

The tracking system will help passengers to know about the traffic conditions, any delay in transit time and also enable depots to keep track of the buses. The control room will also monitor a certain stretch of road by communicating with the driver. Shaikh added that CCTV cameras were also installed in the buses for public safety. The cameras have been installed in 90 buses including 30 AC buses. The remaining buses, too, would get the facility soon.

The corporation would also need to work out on the maintenance of the CCTVs. Shaikh said he would hold a meeting with the agency that was given advertisement rights this week to know about the progress made in this regard.

Source: Times of India


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