Nokia and FAW collaborate to transform Chinese automotive sector

The Chinese automotive sector is quickly pivoting to electric and autonomous vehicles. The global and local automakers are trying to find a position for themselves in this growing sector.

The FAW Group, the Chinese state-owned automative manufacturing company, also intends to ensure its dominant position by taking a lead in cutting edge digital technologies such as autonomous driving, as well as revolutionizing its manufacturing processes with IIoT and smart manufacturing.

The automaker, in this line, has signed a strategic MoU with Nokia to carry out joint research in smart connected cars, industrial IoT (IIoT), smart manufacturing and digital transformation.

Nokia will deploy a 5G trial network on FAW’s Changchun campus to support R&D in autonomous driving and connected car applications. The company will also cooperate with FAW to develop solutions critical to its digital transformation such as data centers, cloud, big data and 5G network slicing solutions.

Nokia will provide a trial 5G network based on the Nokia commercial 5G solution. It will also provide security, big data, cloud and 5G slicing technology. Along with this it will provide the end-to-end system integration, helping FAW to implement smart manufacturing with automation solutions such as autonomous AGVs, AR/VR machine vision and AI-enhanced quality inspection.

Source: Press Release


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