Nokia HERE to use Medio’s smart data to reinforce location intelligence

Published: June 13, 2014 | United States

Nokia HERE has announced that it is planning to acquire the Seattle-based real-time predictive analytics company, Medio Systems.

Nokia announced that the company will use Medio’s ‘smart data’ to enable Here maps to create contextual maps and location services that change according to the situation to provide highly personalized and predictive experiences for people and businesses. That could mean giving drivers routes that match their driving style based on real-time conditions or helping businesses personalize their customer offerings.


Predictive analytics are an essential component of the HERE mission to provide the right map and services at the right moment across screens and operating systems.  By acquiring Medio, HERE aims to achieve that mission by taking maps far beyond where they are today.

In order to understand what a person might want and need in a given moment Medio, mines vast amounts of real-time activity data available from the proliferation of sensors and connected devices into actionable intelligence. Its cloud-based predictive analytics engine leads a fundamental shift in how big data is gathered and processed so that it becomes a valuable source of intelligence to help vehicle deriver make better, automated driving decisions.

The 3rd Platform of computing, built on cloud, big data & analytics, mobile, and social is starting to move into its next phase.  This next era of computing will be highly dependent on the personalization of services and products.  The combination of HERE’s at scale mapping platform and Medio’s predictive analytics is can be an important part of how technology will transform everyday experiences in the future.

Following the acquisition, HERE intends to share Medio’s technology, as relevant, with the other two businesses of the Nokia Group, Networks and Technologies, to further capitalize on the acquisition.

Source: Nokia


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