nuTonomy authorized to expand testing on City of Boston streets

nuTonomy has been authorized to expand testing on City of Boston streets city-wide. It is known that nuTonomy is a subsidiary Aptiv and a leader in the development of autonomous vehicle software.

The City of Boston utilizes a mandatory and graduated phase approach as the foundation of its autonomous vehicle testing program. Under the City’s supervision, the company has been testing on streets in the Seaport District since January 2017 and has a proven safety record.

After almost two years of testing autonomous vehicles on public roadways in Singapore nuTonomy was allowed to test its vehicles in Boston where the testing began on streets within the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Industrial Park and later on was expanded to additional public streets in the Seaport District. This was followed by a pilot program where passengers were transported in nuTonomy vehicles between destinations in the area.

The testing safety protocols stipulated by both the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, are as follows:

  • The vehicles must operate within the legal speed limit at all times.
  • In all cases while testing, a professionally trained safety driver is behind the wheel prepared to take over as necessary.
  • The company will have continue to supply quarterly reports to the City and to update the Boston Transportation Department each time it begins operating in a new neighborhood of Boston.

The authorities have allowed testing in both day and nighttime hours, and during some inclement weather, such as light precipitation, fog, and low temperatures. City of Boston is working on creating a policy on the operation of autonomous vehicles known as Go Boston 2030 Transportation Plan.


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