NVIDIA unveils supercomputer to build Self-Driving Cars

NVIDIA recently unveiled its supercomputer, DGX SuperPOD, which provides AI infrastructure that meets the demands of the company’s autonomous-vehicle deployment program.

The system according to the company is the world’s 22nd fastest and built in just three weeks with 96 NVIDIA DGX-2H supercomputers and Mellanox interconnect technology. Powered by 1,536 NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs interconnected with NVIDIA NVSwitch and Mellanox network fabric, the DGX SuperPOD can tackle data with good performance for a supercomputer its size.

Delivering 9.4 petaflops of processing capability, it has the muscle for training the vast number of deep neural networks required for safe self-driving vehicles. The system is hard at work around the clock, optimizing autonomous driving software and retraining neural networks at a much faster turnaround time than previously possible.

NVIDIA DGX systems have already been adopted by other organizations with massive computational needs of their own — ranging from automotive companies such as BMW, Continental, Ford and Zenuity to enterprises including Facebook, Microsoft and Fujifilm, as well as research leaders like Riken and U.S. Department of Energy national labs.

Source: Press Release


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