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O2 and the ESA support project exploring connectivity solutions for CAVs

O2 and the European Space Agency will be supporting ‘Project Darwin’, an ambitious four year trial programme is taking place in the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire. It is designed to pave the way for next generation connectivity solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

The project aims to test new technology and end-to-end connectivity solutions including 5G and satellite communications to ultimately create a new CAV industry vertical.

The Project will bring together Oxford and Glasgow Universities, Spanish satellite operator Hispasat, start-ups specialised in self-driving mobility solutions and Darwin Innovation Group Oxford.

From July 2019 the high-level design and definition phase will begin at Harwell to explore key connected vehicle and Vehicle-SIM platforms as well as AI neural network integration. From 2020 the project hopes to be in position to showcase the first ‘proof of concepts’.

As part of the project an ARTES ‘Partner Study’ programme will be also be conducted with UK government support (first phase €2.2m) to help define all the different elements needed to deliver the larger programme.

Source: Press Release


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