ON Semiconductor and NVIDIA collaborate on Cloud-Based Autonomous Vehicle Simulation

ON Semiconductor has announced that it is now one of NVIDIA’s ecosystem partners working on its DRIVE Constellation platform. The company is known for a portfolio of automotive CMOS image sensors ranging from 1 MP to 12 MP with the DRIVE Pegasus™ platform.

ON Semiconductor is leveraging its image sensor modeling technology to provide real-time data to the NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation simulation platform. The open, cloud-based platform performs simulation for large-scale, hardware-in-the-loop testing and validation of autonomous vehicles.

ON Semiconductor’s Image Sensor model receives both scene information and control signals from DRIVE Constellation to calculate and output a real-time image based on the inputs. It then transmits the simulated image back to DRIVE Constellation for processing.

According to the company, the complex sensor model will utilize all critical parameters in the path from converting photons to digital output (e.g. Quantum Efficiency, Noise, Gain, Analog-to-Digital Conversion, Black Level Correction and more) to provide an ‘accurate’ output of a real-world image sensor.

Source: Press Release


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