OnStar subscribers in China get Vehicle Alarm Notification services

Published: July 11, 2014 | China

Shanghai OnStar customers have access to a new feature: Vehicle Alarm Notification. The system relies on the telematics service to let certain Chinese Cadillac customers know if their vehicle has been broken into or stolen. It enhances the safety and security of OnStar subscribers for worry-free vehicle protection.

The new service leverages OnStar’s proven onboard telematics technology. Its highly integrated controlled area network (CAN) bus data transport system supports real-time monitoring of vehicles. If a door, the trunk or the hood is broken open after the engine is shut down and the vehicle is locked normally, the system will send a warning message to Shanghai OnStar’s data center and notify the owner by text message. Should the owner desire, OnStar can locate the stolen vehicle, remotely block the ignition of the vehicle, or slow down the vehicle. As OnStar notes, “these services have helped resolve more than 1,800 vehicle theft incidents.”

The Vehicle Alarm Notification service is initially available in several Cadillac models, including the CTS, SRX, Escalade, ATS and XTS. The company made no mention of Vehicle Alarm Notification reaching other General Motors vehicles in the region.

Source: OnStar


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