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OS and Mobileye conducting trials to map Britain’s roadside

Ordnance Survey and Mobileye have joined hands to create a detailed roadside infrastructure dataset of Britain for a location information service.

Ordnance Survey (OS) is the national mapping agency for Great Britain, and Mobileye is an Intel Company that is working towards development of computer vision and machine learning, data analysis, localisation and mapping for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.

The two entities have launched trials as a result of which fleets of vans and cars fitted with Mobileye’s automotive camera-based mapping technology are set to capture a street-level (worms-eye) view of the nation’s road network.

The vehicles are retrofitted with the Mobileye 8 Connect which is powered by Mobileye’s EyeQ®4 processor, brings several advanced collision avoidance features in addition to providing alerts and warnings that can improve driver behaviour and create safer roads.

The vehicles are detecting, processing and sending data to the cloud for aggregation before the information is provided to OS that references the data with its existing datasets.

The level of detail recognised and classified include road markings, network boxes, traffic lights, road signs, lamp and telegraph posts, bollards, manhole covers, and drainage grates. The data is updated constantly as vehicles capture information on the roads they travel.

The new service from Mobileye and OS aims to deliver high-precision roadside asset location data to companies across multiple sectors. The collaboration looks to unlock the innovation of artificial intelligence-powered automotive technology for an array of markets. Northumbrian Water Group has become the first utility company in the UK to join the project.

The trials have already been conducted initially in areas such as London, Manchester and the North East. The trials are already helping produce a dataset of Britain’s road network characteristics and street furniture with a fair level of accuracy. OS and Mobileye expect trials to continue over the summer.

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