Parasoft joins MISRA C and C++ Working Groups

Parasoft, an automated software testing company, has announced that it has joined the MISRA C and MISRA C++ Working Groups to collaborate in the development of best-practice guidelines for the safe and secure development of automotive and safety-critical software.

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) committee provides coding guidelines that are widely utilized in the automotive and safety-critical industries to develop safe and secure software.

MISRA C++ working group is developing a new integrated MISRA/AUTOSAR C++ coding standard. Parasoft provides the industries top automotive software suppliers with the broadest coverage for both MISRA and AUTOSAR standards, and joining the committee continues Parasoft’s commitment to help customers stay ahead of the rapidly-evolving threat landscape.

Earlier this year, the AUTOSAR and MISRA consortiums announced the merger of their standards, and the MISRA committee is currently working to combine the AUTOSAR C++ and MISRA C++ coding standards into a single comprehensive industry standard for the industry to leverage.

Parasoft’s static analysis tools support many coding guidelines in addition to MISRA. By joining the MISRA committee, the company will be able to share collected experience with the industry and contribute to the creation of a complete and up-to-date standard.

Source: Press Release


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