Peloton unveils Level 4 Automated Following solution

Connected and automated vehicle technology company, Peloton Technology recently unveiled its vision for doubling the productivity of drivers through the development of its new Level 4 Automated Following solution.

Peloton’s Automated Following is an advanced platooning system, using vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology to enable a single driver to drive a pair of vehicles. It works by utilizing V2V communications and radar-based active braking systems, combined with vehicle control algorithms.

Leveraging experience in deploying a commercial L1 platooning system, PlatoonPro, Level 1 system that has a driver in both the lead and follow trucks, Peloton’s new Automated Following system is an SAE Level 4 autonomous solution that connects a fully-automated follow truck with a driver-controlled lead truck to platoon.

The V2V link allows the human-driven lead truck to guide the steering, acceleration, and braking of the follow truck and connects the safety systems between the trucks. with minimal latency.

Peloton’s approach of combining the experience of a human driver in the lead truck with state-of-the-art sensors and hardware in the follow truck simplifies many of the technical challenges the vehicle automation industry faces with deploying standalone SAE Level 4 driverless systems.

The company believes that it will be able to bring this solution to broad applicability for the industry on a rapidly increasing set of routes, weather conditions, and traffic conditions, expanding these operations much more rapidly than standalone (single vehicle) L4 solutions.

Source: Press Release


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