Pioneer initiate trial run of autonomous shuttle

Pioneer Corporation and MooVita aim to commercialize services of autonomous driving level 4

Pioneer Corporation and MooVita will initiate a trial run of an autonomous shuttle bus equipped with Pioneer’s 3D-LiDAR sensor within the facility area of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, a higher education institution in Singapore. Through this trial run, the two companies aim to commercialize services of autonomous driving level 4.

MooVita is a startup company founded by ex-employees of A*STAR, the Agency of Science, Technology & Research in Singapore, which promotes developments of autonomous driving technologies. It has developed its autonomous driving business in Malaysia and India as well as in Singapore.

The 3D-LiDAR sensor uses laser beams to measure distances to objects accurately and grasps information on distances and surroundings in real time and in three dimensions. It is regarded as an essential device for vehicle use for level 3 and higher autonomous driving. Pioneer is developing a high-performance, downsizing, lower price 3D-LiDAR sensor using a MEMS mirror, aiming for mass production in the 2020s.

Since late September 2018, Pioneer has started shipping three types and four models of 3D-LiDAR sensors with a different measurement distance and field of view to various companies in Japan and overseas. And using these models, Pioneer will develop a high accurate “Object Detection algorithm” and “Localization algorithm.”

Pioneer will provide the knowledge and technologies concerning 3D-LiDAR sensors and algorithm, while MooVita will advance the development of autonomous driving solutions. Both companies will contribute together to the early practical implementation of autonomous driving and autonomous driving services.


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