Polaris Wireless OmniLocate Platform to provide LBS to Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom
Globe Telecom

Philippines: According to a recent news, Polaris Wireless announced that it has been selected by Globe Telecom to deploy the OmniLocate universal location platform and refresh Globe Telecom’s Location-Based Services (LBS) capability.

As per the source, OmniLocate is a cost-effective, quick time-to-market, software-based wireless location solution. It is deployed on a standard computer server inside the wireless operator’s network. OmniLocate can be configured to include Wireless Location Signatures (Polaris WLS(TM)), a patented implementation of the 3GPP standardized RF Pattern-Matching (RFPM) location method, which provides high-accuracy location, especially in urban areas and indoors, which makes it suitable for the densely-populated Philippines market.

As in news, OmniLocate enables operators of wireless networks to quickly deploy LBS that offer market-leading services to meet the needs of today’s wireless consumer and enterprise subscribers. OmniLocate helps identify the location of any device across 2G (GSM/CDMA), 3G (UMTS/WCDMA) and emerging 4G (LTE) air interfaces.

Joanne Perez, Product Manager, Globe Telecom, said: “We selected Polaris Wireless because of its expertise in location systems and successful track record of deployments across the globe. LBS is a welcome enhancement to existing mobile tracking applications that we want all our Globe subscribers to enjoy. With the LBS platform, subscribers don’t need a special device or smartphone to enjoy services such as Friend Finder or Establishment Finder. This allows us to enrich subscriber experience with more location-enabled value-added services that are available on our modernized 2G and 3G network and new LTE network.”

Sridhar Kolar, Vice President, Polaris Wireless, said: “We are very pleased to be selected by Globe Telecom to deploy the OmniLocate universal location platform. Our deep experience in providing the technology to enable LBS in several countries throughout Asia will directly benefit Globe Telecom subscribers.”





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