Proposed bill in Ohio may make driving Tesla cars illegal

Published: 07 November 2016

Tesla model 3
Tesla model 3

For any industry to develop and grow needs to be fostered by two entities -Technology and Government. In absence of any of the two, it may result in collapse or garbled  growth. If there are appropriate steps taken by the government but it is not reciprocated by the technological progress it doesn’t yield the proper results. Same way if with the advancement of the technology, the government or law making authorities do not match themselves it causes hindrance for the industry.

Recently Ohio Dept of transportation has proposed a bill which may make the  movement of Tesla cars on the streets of Ohio illegal. The bill allows companies that make self-driving cars or self-driving car technology to use autonomous cars on Ohio’s public roads for “testing purposes.”

This bill thus will make Tesla cars with self-driving features illegally in most places, even if they were being driven manually. There is a provision of fine up to $10000 for each day a person is caught using a self-driving car.

However, a bill has 8 or 9 drafts before the final one, so just because it starts that way, doesn’t mean that’s how it’ll end up.

 ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning said “We want to make sure that testing is done in a safe way. And that’s why we’re probably seeing some of these early regulations,”That will probably be the first round of what you’ll see in legislative debate in making sure these tests are done in a safe environment.”


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