Prova Systems launches release 12 for its VHM OBD-2, fleet management hardware

Prova Systems
Prova Systems

USA: Prova Systems has announced the availability of firmware release 12 for its VHM OBD-2 fleet management hardware. The new release offers new capabilities in Prova’s powerful OBD-2 trip logger and diagnostic monitor/analyzer for fleet management. The new software implements several new features including

  • a new capability to track and report actual fuel used by each vehicle by speed band for every trip;
  • automatic wireless driver identification through the inclusion of a driver ID inserted into each trip record making it possible to identify every driver of any vehicle trip-by-trip;
  • powerful new DTC (diagnostic trouble code) tracking and logging function which timestamps every DTC value with a log entry for easier fault tracking and analysis;
  • new idle event tracking that tracks every engine idle event to support efforts to reduce fuel consumption and waste caused by excessive idling;
  • a supported OBD-2 Parameter ID (PID) query table to permit fleet managers and service professionals access to a complete list of an individual vehicle’s support PIDs.

John Collins, Prova Systems President, states that, “The v12 release enhances the fleet management capabilities of our OBD-2 devices. The richness of our OBD-2 diagnostics and trip related data cannot be matched by any GPS & AVL systems which rely only on location data to perform fleet management analysis.”

The new release supports every Prova OBD-2 device installed currently and can be upgraded through a customer’s existing maintenance contract or through an existing Prova partner.
The new release comes with an SDK update with support for .NET, Linux and iOS development environments.



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