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PTOLEMUS new report forecasts that there will be more cars on the road globally with ADAS

Autonomous vehicles will have a considerable impact on safety and hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved, predicts PTOLEMUS Consulting Group.

The firm’s new Autonomous Vehicle Global Study provides the analysis of the timeline, volumes and impacts of the upcoming automation revolution. It quantifies country-by-country the roll-out of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and estimates their impact on driver safety.


By 2030, PTOLEMUS forecasts that there will be more cars on the road globally with ADAS than without: 370 million vehicles will have some automated features. This will lead to a record amount of avoided collisions. In the US alone, 767,000 crashes will be prevented every year by the end of the next decade.

PTOLEMUS’ team of 10 analysts leveraged their expertise in automotive and connected insurance to dissect customer demand, regulation and other influencing factors.

The breakthrough will start – with level 4 cars – in less than 5 years and affect the complete mobility ecosystem:

Car makers will need to choose between integrating the entire chain (Tesla, GM, Ford), partnering with technology companies (Honda, FCA, Renault-Nissan) or waiting and possibly losing out

Dealer and repair networks will need to reinvent themselves to compensate for the decline in collisions, for example as AV charging stations

Insurance, roadside assistance companies and auto clubs will also have no choice but to radically change their value proposition


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