Qtanium 300 – New On/Off road GPS navigation system from Navman

New OnOff road GPS navigation system from Navman - Qtanium 300
Qtanium 300 - for on and off road navigation

Qtanium 300 is new GPS tracking device from Navman. It is designed to work with Navman’s Online AVL2 fleet tracking and management system. The idea is to incorporate both on and off road navigation capabilities in a single platform. This device increases the overall efficiency of the operation the exact location of on-road and off-road fleet vehicles on the same display map in real time. It gives a comprehensive picture to the fleet manager’s and help them in managing their fleet by giving useful information like fuel spent and real time vehicle usage. This unit is designed to operate in extreme off road conditions.

Some other key features of Qtanium 300 are:
• Quad band GPRS for batter coverage.
• Supports 100 geo fences.
• 24 hour battery life in full operations with 5 months backup battery life.
• Operating temperature range is -30 deg C to 75 deg C.
• 30G shock testing and 9G vibration testing.
• Enclosure and connecting cables are completely waterproof.

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