Autonomous building supercomputer for autonomous systems has announced that it is building supercomputer specifically designed for the real-time needs of autonomous systems. It is built to increase computation speed while reducing power consumption.

The company recently raised $15M, the funding round is led by strategic investor DENSO. Leawood VC participated in the Series A round, and Pear, Uncork Capital, SV Angel, Cota Capital, and Trucks Venture Capital were seed investors.

When developers are reinventing existing machines to incorporate autonomous functions that require near instantaneous processing speed and responsiveness “on the edge”, according to Quadric, it has completely rearchitected the full stack — going from silicon to software — to meet the unique needs of computing on the edge. Its technology claims to enable both high performance computing and artificial intelligence in a single unified architecture.

The company instead of building a heterogeneous system with CPUs/GPUs/FPGAs & AI chips and dealing with that complexity of software and hardware integration, has developed technology that claims to handle most of the application in a single unified hardware architecture and software model. Built around the Quadric Processor®, Quadric’s supercomputer is plug-and-play, enabling innovators to plug in their sensor set and build their entire application to support near instantaneous decision making.

Source: Press Release


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