Raytheon to research on navigation guidance for ammunition

U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Munitions Directorate has awarded Raytheon an $11 million contract to design and demonstrate navigation and guidance technologies. It will keep deep-penetrating bombs and missiles on target even where signals from GPS satellite are degraded or unavailable.

Raytheon engineers will develop guidance to provide maximum penetration for a future High Velocity Penetrating Weapon, with the ability to overcome GPS-degraded environments as U.S. military officials are interested in developing High Velocity Penetrating Weapon and the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP).

Raytheon experts are focussing upon:
Weapons-guidance technologies for anti-jam GPS
Angle-of-attack sensing
Guidance law
RF seeker and guidance techniques

It would actually support the High Velocity Penetrating Weapon’s accuracy.

GPS Wire comment: It will be interesting to see if they use the terrestrial positioning system like Locata.
Alternative positioning system for US next-gen ATC

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