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Recogni comes out from Stealth Mode with $25 Million in Series A Funding

As the automotive industry is transitioning to autonomous vehicles, a network of computers is needed to drive these vehicles efficiently on a limited energy budget. While these AI systems are trained offline, they need to process the sensor data in real-time in the vehicle.

Today, autonomous vehicles have hit the processing efficiency wall and are unable to transition to Level 3+ autonomy and beyond. In this line Recogni, a startup has emerged from stealth mode. The company is focused on creating high-performance and low-power AI processing to help make autonomous vehicles a reality.

The company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in San Jose, Calif, has operations in Munich, Germany and is positioning itself to revolutionize perception processing for Level 2+ autonomous vehicles.

Using a Vision Cognition Processor, Recogni aims to solve the endpoint inferencing problem with autonomous vehicles efficiently and change the trajectory of full level 3, 4, and 5 autonomy. The company’s founders possess deep industry experience in system design, AI, vision, and custom silicon design.

Recogni has also announced $25 million in Series A financing. It was led by GreatPoint Ventures with participation from Toyota AI Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Faurecia, Fluxunit, and DNS Capital.

Recogni plans to use the funds to deliver the most capable inferencing system to enable state of the art sensor fusion of visual and depth sensor data while continuing to grow its top-tier engineering team.

The company is also in discussions with multiple auto manufacturers, to provide them with the full suite of enabling technology from modules to the software.

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