Roadnet Technologies upgrades MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software

Roadnet Technologies
Roadnet Technologies

USA: Roadnet Technologies has launched an array of product enhancements to its MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software, all designed to improve the functionality and efficiency for transportation logisticscompanies. In addition, the company recently launched a new MobileCast Android smartphone application. Roadnet Technologies’ MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software enables companies to see delivery, sales and merchandiser routes or activities in real-time, combined with the ability to make changes to routes based on events such as unplanned pickups, a need to change the order of stops, traffic, weather or a specific need of a customer. Advantages include the automatic integration of data collected throughout the day to improve future route plans, managing by exception, which allows the user to view exact locations of the drivers and to respond to unexplained stops or service time variances; and providing pro-active customer service. Recent enhancements include a new module, MobileCast Manager that targets sales and merchandiser managers so that they can monitor time spent at a customer or prospect as well as mileage by sales or merchandiser personnel.

This is a web-based tool that presents data on time and mileage so that managers can understand how much time is spent with a customer, how many “routes” have been run, the amount of driver time and how many miles are reported for reimbursement. Sales representatives and merchandisers also have the ability to edit mileage reported via GPS to remove personal mileage. The new Androidmobile application provides Roadnet’s vehicle routing software customers with enhanced functionality and ease-of-use on a device that’s substantially more compact than typical rugged mobile computer handheld devices. The clean, modern-looking mobile application leverages standard Android-specific features to make use easy and intuitive. The MobileCast smartphone solution represents the simplest proof-of-delivery application provided by Roadnet Technologies, and provides every basic piece of information needed for a paperless delivery system. The routing softwareapplication allows fleet drivers to review their daily routes, complete trip of stop surveys, examine stop information, record arrival and departure times, stop reconciliation, add delivery receipt information and mark stops as undeliverable.

Len Kennedy, CEO of Roadnet Technologies, said: “These product enhancementsare the result of our continuous efforts to further improve our software packages in response to changing and emerging conditions in the transportation logistics industry. These upgrades are created by constantly eliciting input and feedback from our customers, investing heavily in research and development, and remaining ahead of new technology breakthroughs that impact our market.”



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