Sanjeev Malhotra, General Manager, CSR Technologies

sanjeev Malhotra
Sanjeev Malhotra

Sanjeev Malhotra, General Maneger of CSR Technologies shares his views on CSR Technology (India) operations and thoughts on the implementation of vehicle tracking system in state transport corporations.


Q. Kindly tell us something about CSR India Center.
CSR India center is focused on new product development and support. These products we develop are for international markets including India. We have presence in Delhi and Bangalore. We also support our customers and look for newer opportunities in India. For example: We had developed custom solution for successfully tracking public buses in Delhi before commonwealth games.


Q. Has there been any change in the responsibility for the India centres
after CSR acquired SiRF?

After acquisition we are much bigger player with wide product offerings which complement each other. We have innovative offerings for the Automobile infotainment, tracking and security and almost all Auto majors of the world
are using CSR products. We work on much wider portfolio of products in India and continue our focus on platform and solution development. We are uniquely placed because we provide the hardware and necessary software up to application level for location based services. We continue to spend in our R&D and state of the art platforms which seamlessly provide outdoor and indoor locations.


Q. CSR has primarily been a technology development company, in this context how do you see the role of India operations of CSR Technology in the field of vehicle telematics?
It is true that technology and product development is our major focus but we do engage in activities to develop Indian markets as well. We work with Indian Auto majors and bring the International experience and state of the art technology. We may not directly sell to end users but help our partners with all the necessary technology and software which makes them market ready in short period of time. Our technology and software is being used by our partners to provide service to schools, corporate and state corporations.


Q. Could you please share some of the learning which you think would be important for the state transport corporations in India for successful implementation of vehicle tracking system.
State Corporations should be careful in putting their functional requirements together. Sometimes they may not see a complete picture and the requirements will tend to change which will cause delay in the implementation. It is important that they have someone in their planning team who can see the holistic picture and see how all of their applications like Ticketing, Depot management etc will work with the Vehicle tracking system.


Q. How do you see the way forward for the Indian telematics industry.
Indian Telematics industry will continue to grow. As the security concerns grow the demand from all sectors for vehicle tracking and asset tracking will grow. Service needs to evolve to meet the demand and the price points need to come down. Location will be coupled with Video and other applications which will need customization for each solution.


Q. Do you see the LBS ecosystem in India is conducive for commercially viable services?
Telematics in India is still in nascent stage and we will see lot of growth in this going forward. Organizations, Corporate and state corporations are showing willingness to spend to get the service. This will certainly grow with time. There are multiple applications that are not limited to vehicle tracking but bus schedules to the users, traffic management and efficient usage of the resources. Our platform is designed is such a way that any service provider can build their application to suit their needs.


Sanjeev Malhotra: He is the General Manager at CSR Technology (India), based out of Noida from where they are delivering the next generation of location & tracking platform with multiple applications. Sanjeev has worked at Intel and Qualcomm earlier, and comes with wide experience in Mobile and SaaS platforms.


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