Saudi Telecom Company(STC) signs vehicle tracking contract with Hail University

Saudi Arabia:  STC Business has signed a contract with Hail University to provide AVL Business service for tracking the university vehicles via satellites.

Dr. Khalid bin Hussain Biyari, the Senior STC Group VP for Technology and Operations said: “This agreement comes within the EBU plans aiming at delivering technical solutions to all sectors”. He indicated,  “These chips enables the university track and manage their vehicles and spot their locations and routes via satellites. They could also be tracked through the website or SMS messages and know the status of the vehicles (Moving or not) and receiving an alert of leaving a certain (Safe/prohibited) zone”. AL Biyari added that STC equipment would enable Hail University limit vehicles speed and receive an alert when they exceed the speed limits. They would be able also to know the distance the vehicle have travelled and get alerts of vehicle maintenance time, expiry of vehicle registration and drivers documents.

On the other hand Dr. Ahmed AL Mohjie, Vice President of Hail University commented: “The agreement will have a good impact on the administrative performance and control relevant to the movement of the university vehicles. This would save a lot of effort, time and money by controlling and managing the movement of the university vehicles. It would also ensures their usage within the framework stated in the law”. “The chip is protected by a technological system controlled from the central control room inside the university and nobody can break the system. One any person attempts to do this the warning devices in the control room will send lights.



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