Seoul Robotics joins Renovo ecosystem

Seoul Robotics has announced that it has joined the Renovo ecosystem.

Seoul Robotics is a South Korean startup that is working in the field of 3D computer vision software for Lidar and Renovo is known to be an automotive software company providing an open platform for level-4 autonomous vehicles. With this Autonomous fleets built on AWare now have access to Seoul Robotics Lidar Vision Software for object and environment understanding.

Lidar has been a central technology for enabling autonomous vehicles. However, the cost for making lidar perception software is far more than the sensor itself – costing tens of millions of dollars and years of continuous development. Seoul Robotics aims to make all lidar sensors intelligent and is laser-focused on creating automotive-grade 3D computer vision for lidar sensors.

According to the company, due to the robustness of the technology – supporting 18 different lidar models from 4 different companies and easily extensible to new lidars – global OEMs and Tier1s have recently begun licensing the Lidar Vision Software. Now Seoul Robotics aims to help customers through Renovo’s AWare ecosystem.

As part of the Renovo ecosystem, Seoul Robotics can provide and support Lidar Vision Software to AWare-powered vehicles with various lidar sensor models, numbers, and settings. As per company, this versatility speaks to the value of the horizontal layer provided by the Renovo platform as it allows the innovative Lidar Vision Software developed by Seoul Robotics to be adopted and used across a wide array of vehicles.

Source: Press Release


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