SiRF StarIV: New automotive GPS chipset

SiRF Star IV Chipset
SiRF Star IV Chipset

CSR has launched SiRFstarIV GSD4e-9500 GPS engine for the auto industry. The new SiRFstarIV GSD4e-9500 GPS engine, together with the CSR8311 Bluetooth and CSR6000 Wi-Fi connectivity devices, provide automotive Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs with a comprehensive, auto-qualified location and connectivity triumvirate of high-performance platform solutions for a variety of in-dash navigation and telematics applications in cars and trucks around the world.

The new GSD4e-9500 includes features like active jammer removal technology and support for SiRFInstantFix client- and server-generated extended ephemeris and SiRFDRive dead-reckoning technologies. In addition to being able to dynamically detect, track and actively block up to eight separate sources of interference through its active jammer technology, the GSD4e-9500 offers a number of features such as single-SAW design, an on-chip LNA, fail-safe I/O, integrated switchers, single supply voltage, simple RF matching and small size and packaging to make it easier for designers to use and integrate into vehicle platform, giving suppliers and OEMs much greater flexibility in system design and antenna placement and helping speed time to market.

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