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Smart car tech start-up NAUTO reveals its connected car network pilot

Published: September 29, 2015 | San Francisco, United States

Smart car technology start-up NAUTO is revealing the first details of its entry into the connected car arena, and this week launches a hardware and network pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s proprietary, computer vision-enhanced system is an affordable way to upgrade any car to get network and safety features previously only available in high-end luxury cars.

The NAUTO system is a device, network and app. It features an in-vehicle device that collects and processes visual data in a secure cloud, which then produces valuable insights to help drivers operate vehicles more efficiently, effectively and safely. NAUTO uses precision computer vision technology, GPS, inertial measurements, cameras and proprietary algorithms to produce a real-time multi-dimensional understanding of the area around the car. Visual data is automatically uploaded and combined data from other NAUTO-equipped vehicles in the area. NAUTO’s system then extracts critical information and uses it to help drivers avoid congestion, find parking or to alert them about potential collisions, rear-ending or other hazards. It also gives feedback and coaching to help drivers improve their performance. Simultaneously, NAUTO generates additional information to help municipalities ease congestion and reach their Vision Zero target of eliminating traffic fatalities. Unlike some existing traffic and navigation apps, NAUTO does not distract drivers by requiring them to manually input data into a mobile phone.

The company has already tested its technology in 23 cities around the world, from Bangalore and Vienna to New York and Boston. NAUTO-equipped vehicles began gathering and learning street and driving patterns unique to each city. In addition to pilots with professional drivers in limousines and taxi fleets, the company is also currently initiating pilots with insurance industry partners to better study driver distraction, reduce accidents and losses by risky drivers, to enable and improve driver training and coaching, and to introduce more innovative pricing strategies.

Source: NAUTO


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