StarChase develops GPS bullet to help police chase vehicles

US: StarChase, a US firm has developed a Pursuit Management Technology that help police forces to reduce the dangers anr risks involved in police pursuits.

The StarChase system is a pursuit reduction technology that contains a miniature GPS module encased in a tracking projectile/tag and a launcher mounted on a police vehicle.

The StarChase System Is Simple to Operate

  • A compressed-air launcher, mounted behind the grille of a police cruiser, uses a laser to target the fleeing vehicle. It discharges a projectile/tag containing the GPS module.
  • The projectile adheres to the suspect vehicle and transmits coordinates back to dispatch.
  • The dispatcher then views the location and movements of the tagged vehicle in near real-time on a digital roadmap via a secure Internet connection.

To view a video demonstration of how this system works, click here.

Source: StarChase




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