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Starsky Robotics and Loadsmart enable automated dispatch and delivery using autonomous truck

Loadsmart and Starsky Robotics recently announced that they were able to automatically dispatch an autonomous truck to haul freight; having successfully priced, tendered and booked via Loadsmart and then picked up and delivered the shipment using Starsky’s self-driving technology.

Starsky Robotics is an autonomous truck startup and Loadsmart is a digital freight broker that specializes in full truckload shipping. The company is leveraging data and machine learning to build artificial intelligence processes into the complex freight brokerage cycle, allowing shippers to book a truckload and providing loads to carriers.

Loadsmart was able to connect their network of customers with Starsky’s fleet of regular and self-driving trucks by integrating its Automated Dispatch API with the latter’s Hutch API. As a result of the partnership, Starsky is able to dispatch it’s trucks automatically without human intervention, while Loadsmart can expand its ability to automate the shipping process from quoting, booking to delivery to help its clients move more with less.

This initiative is part of a larger strategic partnership which paves the way for the future of trucking: autonomous brokerages dispatching freight to autonomous trucks without human involvement.

Source: Press Release


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