StradVision unveils advances made Autonomous Vehicle Camera Tech

StradVision recently unveild gains in Autonomous Vehicle Camera Tech at an expo. Sunny Lee, COO at StradVision announced the bold advances being made in camera technology for autonomous vehicles. He spoke about the breakthroughs being made via company’s lean SVNet software, which can be run on automotive chipsets at significantly more affordable cost levels.

StradVision is a deep learning-based software provider. The company is optimizing its sensor fusion technology, utilizing cameras and LiDAR sensors. This will generate much richer data about objects on the road, another critical aspect of successfully bringing fully autonomous vehicles to the consumer. The company has also made growth in China, Japan and Germany, with plans to grow in the U.S.A. and India.

StradVision provides the underpinning that allows Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in self-driving vehicles to reach the next level of safety, accuracy and convenience. It has attracted investment from leading industry players including LG Electronics and Hyundai Motor Company, and self-driving vehicles running StradVision’s deep learning-based software will soon be on the road in China.

StradVision’s SVNet software provides real-time feedback, detects obstacles in blind spots, and alerts drivers to potential accidents. SVNet also prevents collisions by detecting lanes, abrupt lane changes and vehicle speeds, even in poor lighting and weather conditions.

The company believes that Accurate vision processing software is critical for the development of autonomous vehicles in the mass market, and at the core of this technology is strong deep-learning ability of the camera software.

StradVision is working with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to enable functions such as Automatic Emergency Braking via front camera, Blind Spot Detection via rear camera, and its software can help create automated valet parking systems.

Source: Press Release


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