T-Systems to connect dealerships to cars with OBD-II module

Published: April 29, 2014

T-System, the subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom presented an on-board diagnostics system (OBD2) module which transmits vehicle status data to the car dealer as well as the driver’s smartphone.

Dealers will be able to contact individual car drivers when an incident occurs, offer them a more individual service, promotion and more, and, at the same time, differentiate themselves from other auto shops.

The system is currently in pilot phase at several Mercedes and Volkswagen-Audi dealers. The module is expected to be sold to dealers for less than €100 including three years service. The service cost will be fully supported by dealers.

This positioning seems quite unique in the galaxy of OBD2 module vendors. “We do not plan to enter the market for diagnostics devices that monitor vehicles but are focusing on an end-to-end solution that puts dealers closer to their customers and improves the quality of service,” explained Horst Leonberger, head of Deutsche Telekom’s Connected Car unit.

Source: GPS Business News


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