Telematics offering from Qualcomm Enterprise Service

American global semiconductor company, Qualcomm is a supplier of wireless chips for the trucking industry. Its wireless communications technologies and chipsets for passenger-car telematics devices enable solutions and expanded opportunities for its customers worldwide. It has also introduced several end-to-end insurance telematics solutions aimed at the consumer and commercial vehicle segments, including telematics hardware units, communication infrastructure, Web service platforms, and mission-critical services like installation, maintenance, billing, and system integration, etc. In August 2012, Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe rolled out Driver Telematics Application, which offers fleet owners with a service to manage and monitor their subcontractors. According to Juan Fernández, the director of purchasing and maintenance for Arniella S.A, it has been proved to be beneficial for them. With Qualcomm’s Driver Telematics App they are better able to manage and monitor their subcontracted transport. The app allows them to integrate all the relevant management information into their back-office, including workflow related data sent to their drivers and tracking and tracing information for the load. In September 2012, Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe signed partnership agreement with Novacom Europe, under which Novacom’s Vwise was made available to Qualcomm customers in Europe as Qualcomm Cargo Control. Qualcomm’s Cargo Control is said to provide remote monitoring and control of assets and loads whether the trailer is connected or disconnected. Operating automatically without driver intervention, Cargo Control transmits trailer location information and other data, such as reefer temperatures, loaded or unloaded, and connected or disconnected trailer. Qualcomm Enterprise Services Europe’s product portfolio is said to be enhanced by Novacom’s trailer tracking and management technologies.TrailerTRACS is another telematics solution from Qualcomm. As per the company, it ensures high profits, asset security and customer satisfaction with features like locating available trailers immediately, confirming on-time arrivals and departures and tracking the location of loaded trailers. Moreover, automatic verification ensures that the correct trailer is hooked with the correct truck and disconnecting a trailer at wrong location generates a system alert. ReeferTRACS is Qualcomm’s offering into cold chain management. This solution is referred to be a refrigeration monitoring services designed for companies who transport cargo in temperature controlled trailers and who require to maintain an audit trail of the refrigeration chain during transportation. ReeferTRAC enables the driver and dispatcher to keep a record of load on the road as the recorded temperatures are checked in real-time. Qualcomm’s one more telematics product – Advanced Driver Behaviour Reporting (ADBR) is made to provide feedback to the drivers so that they can without fail enhance and upgrade their driving skills along with keeping a tab on fuel consumption. ADBR is a part of Qualcomm’s FleetVisor suite, which streamlines all operations pertaining to transport and logistics performance.

On-Board technology offered by the company includes: OmniExpress:A seven inch board computer that enables the truck drivers to access detailed navigation maps, back-office messages and the driver dashboard; and all of this helps in building driver efficiency and saving money as well. Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) 200 is referred to be another high duty board computer which is aimed for businesses that gives security and safety of loads the prime importance. MCP 200 oversees and reports that how, where and when the drivers and vehicle are performing the operation and the developments pertaining to the fleet operation can be accessed at the FleetVisor web portal. Cargo Control also comes under the On Board Technology graph only.

Fleet management apps offered by Qualcomm Enterprise Services includes: Hours of service: This EOBR application automates truck driver logs for enhanced safety, compliance, and productivity. Analytics manager: This app turns fleet’s data into information that helps in ensuring safety, compliance, and overall efficiency. In-cab navigation: ALK CoPilot Truck and NaviGo powered by Telogis navigation solutions offers fuel efficiency and minimising out-of route miles via Qualcomm MCP units. Critical event: Handles driver safety behaviours and eliminates accidents by monitoring for safety-related events. Driver workflow: The app integrates with dispatch systems & fleet management software to optimize efficient operations. Trip manager: The app assists in planning, viewing, and managing trips to enhance back-office and driver efficiency, and customer service. Performance monitoring, Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), Media manager, In-Cab Scanning, Vehicle Maintenance, etc.

Recently, Qualcomm won 2012 U.S. Fleet Manager’s Choice Award by Frost & Sullivan where it got recognition as the best supplier of advanced telematics services. Rolando Barrera, industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan, said: “Qualcomm once again claims top honours as a result of its continued innovation and commitment to drive the future of mobile fleet management solutions designed specifically to address the needs of private and for-hire fleets.” In another recognition, Qualcomm was ranked first in Commercial Telematics by the research firm ABI Research.

Qualcomm has been closely watching the telematics industry in India. With the recent develpoment in retail, FDI usage of telematics for better management of the supply-chan should increase. Its the matter of time before they launch services in India.



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