Tesla responds to the criticism of Autopilot

German authorities had severely condemned Tesla’s Autopilot ADAS feature calling it a severe traffic hazard. Tesla has released its response to the criticism saying that the Autopilot feature should not be mistaken for autonomous driving system, but it is an ADAS system which is designed to help and assist drivers and is designed to work in coordination with the human driver only.


The main issue was that the German authorities considered Autopilot an autonomous feature which did not fulfill the conditions of self-driving. The authorities said that Tesla’s Autopilot feature was not compatible with the definition of automated driving and they refused to consider Tesla S and autonomous car. They criticized the feature saying that it could not detect the problem far enough to change lanes and this made it dangerous to perform to perform self-driving.

Tesla has issued a detailed and thorough response to this issue saying that the Autopilot feature is an ADAS feature and is designed to help the driver not to drive the car. Like all other ADAS systems this too requires a human’s intervention for safer driving. The system only makes driving less-stressful for the driver, but requires him to pay attention all the time, said Tesla.

The company also clarified that the system is built to prevent misuse of the system and aims at making roads safer. Tesla said that whenever a person switches Autopilot on, he is reminded by the system to be alert and be ready to take over at any time. The system is also designed to warn the driver if he is not driving properly or is changing lanes in a manner that is not suitable.

This report is aimed at putting an end to all the discussions regarding the autonomous status of Tesla cars.


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