Testing of Driverless cars in Melbourne soon

Melbourne’s CityLink, Monash, and Tullamarine freeways will soon be witnessing testing of Driverless cars. The two-year trial will be managed by Transurban, a tolling company.

The cars will be having drivers inside them, capable of grabbing the control if needed. So the cars will not be fully autonomous but will function in semi-autonomous mode to test how driverless technology copes with general traffic with all of its unpredictability and risk.

The analysts will be studying how the cars deal with infrastructure such as traffic lanes and variable overhead signs, and with the movement of other cars on the road.

The government of Victoria has committed itself to contribute $10 million to the driverless vehicles initiative, in the hope it can help reducing road accidents.

The government also seeing it as a potential source of jobs in future and through such trails its aims to prepare itself for it.


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