Thailand’s passenger buses to be soon deployed with GPS

Bangkok: The Thai Ministry of Transport’s Department of Land Transport plans to install the Global Positioning System (GPS) on over 800 inter-provincial buses run by the government-owned Transport Company Limited, beginning from January 1, 2013.

Wattana Pattarachon, Deputy Director General of Land Transport Department, said: More people in country now prefer to travel by buses, especially during festivals, hence to promote safety for them the Land Transport Department had issued order requiring bus drivers of Transport Co. Ltd. To attend a training, to be conducted by either the Land Transport Department or other agencies assigned by the department starting from Jan 1.

“The Land Transport Department also require trucks transporting toxic substances to install GPS Tracking system, aimed at controlling drivers not to drive over the speed limit and to ensure that they work efficiently”, Wattana added.

“Under the regulation, trucks which are officially registered before Jan 1, 2013, but are yet to be equipped with the ON-Line GPS Tracking as required by the Department, must have them installed within Jan 1, 2014. And foe trucks which have already installed the wrong system, they are required to dismantle and install the proper equipment within Jan 1, 2015”, concluded Wattana.



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