Tier IV Raises $9 Million from Quanta Computer

Deep-Tech Startup, Tier IV has announced that it has raised about $9 million from Quanta Computer in a Series A extension round following the previous $100+ million Series A funding.

Based in Japan Tier IV, Inc. is a deep-tech startup working for “Creative Disruption”. Founded in December 2015, the company has led the development of the world’s first open-source software for autonomous driving, also known as Autoware, and applied it for the proof of concept of last-mile driverless mobility and logistics.

This latest funding engages Quanta Computer, a provider for notebook computers and other technology products, and Tier IV to develop a new reference model of electronic control units (ECUs) for autonomous driving.

The current state of the art in autonomous driving requires low-power and high-performance ECUs with functional safety features. The strategic collaboration of Quanta Computer and Tier IV will discover a desired specification for those ECUs as a reference model based on the best practice integration of Autoware, a full-stack open-source software platform for autonomous driving.

Quanta Computer has already developed a prototype of Autoware-integrated ECUs and conducted a field test using a real vehicle in cooperation with Tier IV. This core offering of Autoware-integrated ECUs will support key initiatives in production of multiple levels of autonomous driving.

Source: Tier IV, Inc.


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