TomTom data powers Mediamobile’s German DAB traffic service


UK: According to a recent news, Mediamobile announced a partnership with TomTom where the traffic content of the Dutch company will be used as a data source for the newly launched (read here) Mediamobile’s German digital radio traffic service (V-Traffic Premium DAB).

Andrew Nash, European Sales Director at Mediamobile, said: “The partnership with TomTom brings us the best digital traffic content available in Germany and allows Mediamobile to offer a premium service to German drivers through the latest DAB digital broadcast technology.”

As per the source, Mediamobile’s service is broadcast live over Germany’s DAB network using the TPEG protocol. It has two components: Traffic Alerts (TEC) that informs drivers of events such as accidents, road closures and roadworks, and Traffic Flow Information (TFP) that provides vehicle travel speed information covering 190,000 kilometres of Germany’s major roads.




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