TomTom unveils HD Traffic 6.0

TomTom HD Traffic 6.0
TomTom HD Traffic 6.0

Germany: TomTom has unveiled the latest version of its real-time traffic information service. TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 offers more precise information about road works, road closures and jam locations, helping drivers to get to their destinations faster.

With new HD Traffic 6.0 the locations of traffic jams on highways are reported five times more accurately than with the previous version of TomTom HD Traffic, and up to 15 times more precisely then industry standard Traffic Message Channels (TMC).

TomTom’s real-time driving community automatically detects road closures and road works even when they are not reported by official sources. Tests indicate that up to 65% more closed roads are identified when using TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 compared to HD Traffic 5.0. And up to 90% of roadwork reports that come from governmental and journalistic sources are now corrected automatically by TomTom’s updated service.

Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of Traffic at TomTom, said: “We are committed to the continual improvement of the accuracy and precision of our real-time traffic information service. TomTom HD Traffic 6.0 is testimony to that, giving our customers improved routing, making their journey faster, safer and more enjoyable.”

HD Traffic 6.0 is available as part of TomTom LIVE Services. Customers who already have LIVE Services are automatically upgraded to HD Traffic 6.0 for free. The service is available in Germany and The Netherlands.



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